Shoot Now, Focus Later!

Amateur photographers, photography students and even some professionals; remember that time you accidentally took a blurred pic? Maybe you weren’t fast enough to focus accurately or maybe you were just plain careless. Well, take heart Lytro is releasing an ‘omnifocus’ camera.

You have got to experience this! Click on the link above to visit Lytro’s ‘living pictures’ gallery where you can play with shifting focus on its pictures all day!

According to Lytro, this groundbreaking new gear is aimed at the consumer market. Lytro CEO, Ren Ng has made it clear that it will be reasonably priced.

I know for sure that my students will be rejoicing knowing that they don’t have to worry about focusing. They should be glad, since most novice are prone to taking blurred shots. But before you break out the champagne, this is a stills camera, not a video camera!

Watch the interview with Ren Ng, the CEO of Lytro

“Lytro is developing a new type of camera that dramatically changes photography for the first time since the 1800s. Rather than just capturing one plane of light, it captures the entire light field around a picture, all in one shot taken on a single device. A light field includes every beam of light in every direction at every point in time. Experimentation in this field started in the mid-1990s at Stanford with 100 cameras in one room. Lytro’s innovation is making it small enough to fit in your pocket. Really.” [via Tech Crunch]

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