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Mixing It Up With DataVideo’s Mixers @ Graphics Vision

Video Mixers have always been an integral part of live performance broadcast. Some of our favourite video mixers come from Datavideo Technologies, a Taiwan based corporation with 27 years of experience. Continue reading

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Bollywood Samurai: short film

This is a short film by our Digital Film Making students. The purpose of this film is to study the techniques and principles of producing choreographed action scenes.

Due to the nature of the fast paced action, we paid close attention to the concept of ‘Line Of Action’ and adhered closely to the 180˚ rule. This was done to help the viewers keep track the of events unfolding rapidly on screen.

Our students prepared for the shoot by rehearsing the sword wielding moves. They also practiced the unarmed duel many times to keep their moves as precise as possible. This reduced the amount of NG takes. Continue reading

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TAJ International College: The green campus on film

WolFang Digital was commissioned by TAJ International College to produce its corporate video. We wrote the script, which was read by Geoffrey Nicholson as the narrator. We lit the scenes and shot the film in a day. Scenes in this film were reenacted by students under WolFang Digital’s direction. Over than 20 actors/actresses were involved in this corporate film. We shot the entire film on the Canon EOS 7D which was rigged up with accessories from RedRock Micro and Kessler Crane’s Pocket Dolly. Continue reading

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Canon 7D goes to DataVideo’s HD Seminar

We recorded participants having a closer look at the displays. Shooting this event with the micorShoulderMount from RedRock Micro was easy enough. The rig did a great job at transforming the EOS 7D into a much more ergonomic platform. Attendees were intrigued by our HD DSLR film making capability and asked interesting questions.

The entire day was great fun for us; being around so many state-of-the-art equipment that are supported by equally high-tech companies. Continue reading

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Canon EOS 7D: Baptism of Fire

Canon offers instant rebates on EOS 7D, 5D Mark II and more! APM Holdings, the country’s largest auto parts manufacturer, has called on our services again. This time, it was a visit to their Springs Division plant in Port Klang. … Continue reading

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