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Film Making For The Largest Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Our country’s largest auto parts manufacturer is celebrating 40 years of successful business and they got us to produce their Anniversary Film Continue reading

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Great Audio Makes Greater Films

We’ve upgraded our audio recording gear in favor of top-notch equipment from Germany, USA and Japan. Most notable is the ME2 lavalier microphone which is so tiny it can be easily concealed in an actor’s attire and yet it’s sensitive enough to record the cleanest, clearest sound. Continue reading

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Cinematography for Bosch at the National Mosque

German corporation Bosch commissioned our team to cover the installation of their new public address system at the National Mosque. Our client was so pleased the results of our product film that they invested in another version in English. Continue reading

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Behind The Scenes: Angry Birds Revolution

What my students lacked in funds and equipment, they more than made up for in talent and resourcefulness. This Behind The Scenes film will show you how they shot with limited budget, resources and time. Continue reading

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Gearing Up, Exploring New Heights

At last we managed to find ourselves alone with our new ‘Made in USA’ KesslerCrane on a quiet late afternoon. The joy of opening the huge bag and setting up our new gear is immense. In our next post, we’ll let you in our our newest gear, which we’ll be using to take our clients’ films to new heights! Continue reading

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