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Mixing It Up With DataVideo’s Mixers @ Graphics Vision

Video Mixers have always been an integral part of live performance broadcast. Some of our favourite video mixers come from Datavideo Technologies, a Taiwan based corporation with 27 years of experience. Continue reading

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Shooting Lessons: Videography Course Intermediate Level

WolFang Digital welcomes another member of Pricewaterhouse Coopers to our Videography Course. This time, it’s Lam Jen Sen’s turn to train with us. We are also happy to have Thiyagaraja following this course. Thiyagaraja is our Digital Film Making student who plans to study film making in Los Angeles Continue reading

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Gear up! Z96 Video Light- small, tight & bright!

The Z96 started off as a very unassuming bit of kit. It is cheap, made in China and so was waved off as inferior when compared to the more well known pioneers like LitePanels.
The amazing thing is, this low priced LED light outperforms it’s much more expensive competitor and offers more innovative features in the process. Continue reading

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Bollywood Samurai: short film

This is a short film by our Digital Film Making students. The purpose of this film is to study the techniques and principles of producing choreographed action scenes.

Due to the nature of the fast paced action, we paid close attention to the concept of ‘Line Of Action’ and adhered closely to the 180˚ rule. This was done to help the viewers keep track the of events unfolding rapidly on screen.

Our students prepared for the shoot by rehearsing the sword wielding moves. They also practiced the unarmed duel many times to keep their moves as precise as possible. This reduced the amount of NG takes. Continue reading

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3D Cinematography @ Cinecast 3D 2011

WolFang Digital will be at Cinecast 3D 2011. See the latest S3D products from Panasoic, JVC, Red Digital Cinema and 3Ality. If you didn’t already know, 3Ality provides systems to capture and broadcast live sporting events in S3D. Catch one of the smallest S3D video camera in the world the new GS-TD1 3Dby JVC. Industry leaders that will be in the event include The Foundry (Visual Effects & Compositing) Cineform (S3D editing), Assimilate (colour grading), Tools On Air (broadcast workflow solutions). HDLSR users will be happy to know that they’ll also get to see products from RedRock Micro, iKan and EZ FX. Glidecam Industries, renowned for their camera stabilisation systems will also be at the event to showcase their products. Carl Zeiss lenses, products from Chroziel, Gates (underwater video camera housings) and Indie Dolly Systems will be at Cinecast 3D 2011. You don’t want to miss this! Continue reading

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