Digital Film Making Course

This course is comprehensive and effective. Our course covers everything from Scriptwiring, Directing, Cinematography, Film Editing, Visual Effects and DVD Authoring. This is a full-time course. It is highly recommended for individuals who want to get a job in the video production/film making industry.

Digital Film Making Course from WolFang Digital- learn how to become a Film Director

Digital Film Making Course from WolFang Digital- learn how to become a Film Director

NEW INTAKE 2nd August 2011

In addition to over 192 hours of lectures and exercises, students will also gain valuable experience by participating in actual film making projects with WolFang Digital. Students who follow us on official video production projects will be given the opportunity to try skills and techniques learned during classes. Meals and transportation are provided during official shoots. Accommodation is complimentary for students on outstation assignments.

Recommended for: Individuals who want to pursue film making as a career

This course will ensure you are ready to take on the challenges of starting your career as a professional:
1) Film Director
2) Film Editor
3) Motion Graphics Artist
4) Videographer
5) Producer

Digital Film Making course includes Directing, Videography, Video Editing, Motion Graphics

Digital Film Making course includes Directing, Videography, Video Editing, Motion Graphics

Digital Film Making Course

Course Duration: 24 days (192 teaching hours total)
Project Submission deadline: 20 days after course completion
Total Duration: approx. 2 months (not including industrial training with WolFang Digital)

You will have 3 classes per week.
You will be expected to complete assignments and film reports when you have no classes. Assignments are due the first day of class each week. You have 20 days to complete your final projects for assessment.

Fees (Students): RM 13,200 or USD 4,400
Fees (Corporate): RM 18,000 or USD 6,000

Fees are divided into 3 separate payments.
Final payment is to be made before commencement of the ‘Video Editing’ module.

Biography & Qualification of Trainer

Course Structure & Modules

1) Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Pre Production & Planning
Course Content (Highlights only)
Writing a script for Corporate Video
Writing a script for Short Film
Producing a Storyboard
How to plan for a shoot: Logistics & Personnel
Knowing your equipment: What to bring for various shooting situations

2) Videography
Course Content (Highlights only)
Videography with professional video cameras
Videography with HD DSLR
Equipment Integration
Framing & Composition
Focus & Exposure Control
Postures and handheld techniques
Camera movements & associated equipment
Indoor studio lighting techniques
Outdoor exposure control
How to conduct interview sessions
Audio Recording techniques
Use of various microphones: Lavalier, shotgun, dynamic

3) Video Editing with Grass Valley Edius (International Certification)
Course Content (Highlights only)
Insert Edits & Overwrite Edits
Trimming and Slip/Slide Editing
Multiple video layer Editing
J Cuts and L Cuts
Colour Grading techniques
Basic Motion Graphics
Audio sweetening
Editing with music
Project Organisation & Workflow

4) Motion Graphics with Adobe After Effects CS4
Course Content (Highlights only)
Animation with the Transform properties
Multiple layer animation
Applying Effects and adding keyframes
Adding & stacking Effects
Creating & animating masks
Rotoscoping with video footage
3D Camera angles, Lights and Layer positioning
3D Animation with text & multiple layers
Rendering & Encoding

5) Video Encoding & DVD Authoring with Adobe Encore
Course Content (Highlights only)
Making a menu
Creating sub menus, managing assets
Adding animation to menus
Adding music & looping menus
Creating buttons, adding interaction
Linking menus & assets
Making an interactive DVD

6) Final Project (Preparation & Execution)
Produce a 3 mins Corporate Video or Documentary (Title will be given later)
Produce a Music Video (your choice of song)
Produce a Short Film (your choice of concept & story)

Project submission: 20 days

7) Critique & Assessment
Duration: 3 days

8 ) Graduation
You will receive the following certificates:
1) Certificate of Completion for the Digital Film Making Course.
2) Internationally recognised Certificate of Completion for Edius Video Editing Course
3) Certificate of Completion for Motion Graphics Course
4) Certificate of Completion for Videography

5) Certificate of Completion for DVD Authoring Course

Classes will commence on 2nd August 2011 at WolFang Digital. View the map.
Fees are to be paid in full during registration. Fees are non-refundable.

Demo software, notes, PCs/laptops, refreshments and lunches are provided.

Interested in WolFang Digital’s new Digital Film Making Course?
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