L’OR De Jean Martell

WolFang Digital has completed another elegant Event Video for the world’s co leader in wines & spirits. Pernod Ricard presents the L’OR De Jean Martell, an exceptional cognac crafted with 300 years of expertise, at Hilton KL, in a grandiose setting of golden hues accentuated with delectable cuisines.

Martell’s Heritage Director, Jacques Menier conducts a tasting session in this elegant black tie event. Together with Chef Christophe Pienkowski (resident chef of Martell & Co) they take connoisseurs on an enchanting journey with well prepared cuisines paired with L’OR and Martell’s cognacs. Renowned violinist Dr. Joanne Yeoh performed for dinner guests as graceful dancers glided across the stage.

The exquisite L’OR is translated from french as ‘gold’ and costs upwards of US$ 3,600 a bottle.

The L’OR de Jean Martell comes encased in a teardrop-shaped decanter made of Cristal de Sevres- the finest crystal and the exclusive packaging was designed by Dragon Rouge

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